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Active Autowerke is both an industry leader and pioneer for aftermarket BMW performance. Active Autowerke has been servicing the Miami and South Florida BMW community since 1981, celebrating over 41 years of working on only BMW. Active Autowerke is our go-to source for performance catted downpipes that prevent a CEL, or check engine light. If you want to stay legal and avoid a CEL, Active Autowerke is the recommended way to go as they GUARANTEE you won't have any issues running their downpipes. Available for both the 3.0 B58 as well as the 2.0 B48 / B46 MK5 Toyota Supras, you'll be covered either way. Active Autowerke also produces a valvetronic exhaust system and a charge pipe option for the 3.0 A90 Supra as well. As the downpipes are popular, we typically have these in stock and ready to go.